Azure Active Directory Single Sign On

Step by step guide

  1. First you'll need to setup an enterprise application within your Azure Active Directory instance.
    1. Select 'New application' from the Enterprise Applications Screen
    2. Select 'Non-gallery application'
    3. Enter 'Velaro' as the name for the application and then click the Add button
    4. Now that you've created the application, we can setup SSO. Proceed by clicking on 'Single sign-on'
    5. For the single sign on method, select SAML
    6. Next we'll fill in required fields, so click edit
    7. Add the identifier as 'Velaro' and copy/paste the Reply URL from the integration configuration page in Velaro and click save.
    8. Ensure to leave the EmailAddress claim enabled as it's used to look up your velaro account.
    9. Copy the Login and Logout url into the appropriate fields in Velaro
    10. Download the Base(64) SAML Signing certificate and open it in a text editor.
    11. Paste the contents of the Certificate into the X.509 Certificate in Velaro and click Enable SSO.
    12. That's it, you're now setup to sign into Velaro using SSO
    13. As a small reminder please be sure to add your users to the enterprise application

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