Voice Overview

The Velaro Voice features allow agents to manage engagements across voice calls and live chat. By using an agent’s phone number, Velaro can connect visitors to agents, with the Request-a-Call service, or by Call Bridging  the visitor and agent's call when both are available. Chatbots can be also used to automate call requests.  Velaro manages live agent availability across calls and chats, so when an agent is on a call, they are not available to take a chat.  If the agent is in a chat, they are not available to take calls.

Voice Features


Use the Request-a-Call form option In the pre-chat survey, or in a landing page widget, to allow visitors to start an engagement with an agent that will notify agents of an incoming call request for an agent to accept. If call bridging is enabled, the call will be automatically bridged with the visitor. Once the call is in progress, agents will receive an engagement request in the console just like a chat, and the engagement screen is used for capturing notes about the call. 

Chatbot Request-a-Call

A Velaro chatbot can present the Request-a-Call form and initiate the call with the agent on behalf of the visitor.

Call Bridging

When Call Bridging is enabled, visitors will be bridged automatically to an agent through a call service. Once the visitor starts their engagement, the phone number that they provided will be called when an agent accepts the call engagement.

Call Report

The Call Report tracks the date and time of each call, the result of the engagement (Abandoned, Call, Rejected, Timed Out), visitor name, agent name, answered date and time, ended date and time, wait time, length of the call, and the call transcript data. 

Call Transcript

The Call Transcript captures the visitor's browser information to show their location, first website visit time and data, group visited, time of the call, the content of the pre-chat survey form the visitor completed to request the call and the visitor's notes about the call engagement.

VOIP Integration

Connect Velaro Voice with your VOIP system to allow incoming calls to be routed to your sales agents' telephone extensions.

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