Call Report

The call report captures each call request engagement and provides a link to the call transcript.


Call report dashboard 

Filter Change the scope of the call report, and save presets for regularly used filters.
Call Report 

For each call engagement:

  • View: launches the call transcript and visitor information popout.
  • Date: shows the time and date of the call.
  • Result: displays the result of the call request engagement. There are 4 possible results:
    • Abandoned: visitor hung up before the call timeout.
    • Call: a successful with agent was made before the call timeout.
    • Unavailable: no agents were available to take the call request.
    • Timeout: no agents called the visitor, or were bridged with the visitor, before the call timeout.
  • Visitor: the visitors name supplied on the pre-call survey 
  • Agent: the agent that placed the call, or was bridged with the call
  • Answered: the time the call was answered
  • Ended: the time the call ended 
  • Time queued: the length of time the visitor waited before the call was connected or failed. 
  • Call length: the duration of the call. 



Call Transcript 

Call transcript 

Visitor Info Visitor information captured from the engagement. 
Pre Call Answers to the Pre-call survey questions. 
Notes Notes captured by the agent during the call engagement. 


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