Knowledge Base Overview

Build a library of knowledge about your business with the Velaro Knowledge Base.

Features at-a-glance

Home PageSearchArticle Viewer
Knowledge base home page.
Home Page
Knowledge base search results page.
Search Results
Knowledge base article viewer.
View Article with TOC
Customize the home page header, styles and content. See Home PageSearch article content and keywords, and view results.  View article with TOC Navigator. See Article Viewer
Article ManagerArticle EditorTopic Organizer
Knowledge base article manager screen.
All Articles
Knowledge base article editor screen.
Create New Article


Knowledge base topics and categories editor.
Categories and Topics
Edit article, last edit, published status, view count, user rating, preview article.Add and edit title, slug, topic, description, display priority, content, search tags, and publish status. See Article EditorAdd, edit, and organize categories on the home page; associate topics to priority, modify topic order. See Topics and Categories
Knowledge Base ChatChat Search WidgetKnowledge Base Chatbot
Knowledge base with chat enabled.
Chat in the Knowledge Base
Knowledge base search widget.
In-Chat Knowledge Base Search
Knowledge base with chatbot enabled.
Knowledge Base Chatbot
 Enable chat on the Knowledge BaseSearch the Knowledge base with a self-service chat widget. See Chat search widgetEnable a chatbot automated assistant for the Knowledge Base
Knowledge base sitemap.
Article Sitemap
Knowledge base general settings.
Settings for the Knowledge Base
Hierarchical display of categories and topics with links to articles. See Site MapCustomize the portal to your brand. See Knowledge Base Settings 

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