Start a New Chatbot

If this is your first chatbot, customize the name and settings for the chatbot. To start an additional new chatbot, select “Start a New Bot” from the Action menu.


Controls to start a new chatbot or select a current one for editing.

Select the bot If this is your first bot, then the name of the bot will be “New Bot (Unsaved). If you already have one or more bots created, then select the bot that you want to design. 
Action Menu 

The action menu allows you to: 

  • Start a new bot 
  • Copy Configuration 
  • Preview bot 
  • Remove bot 
Name The name of the chatbot. The chatbot name is meant to describe the chatbot, and is used in reporting. The chatbot name is not displayed to the visitor.
Starting template Select a predesign chatbot conversation and import all conversation paths.
Save Bot Save the chatbot.

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