Chatbot Dialog

Add/edit messages

Add one or more messages to a path and order them. Add emoji, animated gifs, capture and display data, and display pictures in messages.

Chatbot message editor. 

Move Message Order When there are multiple items in the message panel, you can move them to change the display order. Move your mouse over the bi-directional arrows, and your cursor will change to a hand that will allow you to drag the message up above or below another message.
Add Message Element 

Add emojis, GIFs, data field values, and images to your bot-presented messages 

  • Emoji 
  • GIF 
  • Data Field 
  • Image 
Delete Message 

Delete the message box by clicking X.

NOTE: This action is final and is not preceded by a confirmation dialog.

Add New Message, Data Field, or Form Add another message, a data field, or a form to display to the visitor 


Add quick response buttons

Chatbot quick response button settings. 

Preview  Bot path card that displays path name and unique ID, messages, message elements, and forms presented by the bot, as well as the reply buttons or actions that end the path. 
Go Back This button is present if the path configuration has not been saved. Allows user to return to the Path End options to select reply buttons or actions. 
Button Text Configurable text for the button that displays to the visitor 
Path Select Dropdown menu that lets you set a created path or create a new path for the reply button to navigate to 
Add Reply Button Add additional reply buttons for visitors to navigate within the bot 


Visitor Experience

The following image shows the chatbot message and quick response buttons that have been set in the previous image if the last button was labeled close chat.

Visitor experience of chatbot message with quick response buttons. 


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