Chatbot Designer

The Chatbot Designer allows you to build the chatbot conversation dialog and behavior by adding paths with messages with content, data, quick reply buttons, and automated actions.


Chatbot conversation design settings. 

Chatbot Design Options
  • Paths: Controls for building the conversation dialog 
  • NLP: Controls for configuring visitor intent and entities for natural language understanding and processing.
  • Settings: Controls to configure the name and other general chatbot settings.
Bot Path Preview view of a path configured in the bot designer.
Add Path Button Adds a new path to the bot.
Path Configuration Panel Configuration panel for paths(redundant).
Path Message Configuration for messages the bot will present.
Add Message, Data field, and Form Button Add additional items the bot will present to the visitor. 
End Path with Reply Buttons Reply buttons present the visitor a choice of which path to take.
End Path with Follow-Up Actions Allows the path to perform actions. 

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