Chatbot Routing

Chatbot routing allows chatbots to route to agents, groups, and other chatbots based on visitor input.


Route to Agent 

Chatbot route to agent settings.

Action menu Select “Route to agent” to route the chat to a specific agent.
Select an agentSelect the agent to route the chat.


Route to Group 

Chatbot route to group settings.

Action menuSelect “Route to group” to route the chat to a specific group.
GroupSelect the group to route the chat to.
Unavailable message Display a message to let the visitor know the group is unavailable  
Unavailable pathSelect a path to continue the chatbot conversation if the agent is not available.


Route to Bot 

Chatbot route to bot settings.

Action menu Dropdown menu that lets you choose which action the path would end with 
Select botSelect which bot the path will route to 
3Select pathSelect the path in the bot to continue the convesation.


Go to Path 

chatbot route to path settings.

Action menu Select “Go to path” to route the conversation to another path in the same chatbot.
Path Select Select a path to continue the conversation.

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