Account Utilization Report


The Account Utilization report provides statistics on the utilization of agents within the account based on the number of successful and missed engagements.

This report is generated hourly, at 5 minutes past the hour.





The Utilization chart visualizes the account utilization data.


Missed Engagements

The Missed Engagements chart visualizes the missed engagements data based on the reason the engagement was missed.

Each reason for a missed engagement can be toggled on/off in the chart by clicking on the reason in the legend.



The Queues chart visualizes the number of queued chats.



The Engagements chart visualizes the number of filled pre-engagements, engagements and queues.

Each type of engagement can be toggled on/off in the chart by clicking on the engagement type in the legend.



See Report Filters and Settings for a description of all available report settings.

Following are the filters unique to the account utilization report.

Include Weekends
  • Unchecked: does not include weekends in the calculation.
  • Checked: includes weekends in the calculation.
Weighted AveragesDeprecated. to be removed.
Show Inactivity
  • Unchecked: inactivity is not displayed
  • Check: inactivity is displayed
Response Gauge

Will only return entries that have a response time lower than or equal to the response gauge.

For example, if the response gauge is set for 30 seconds, only entries that were responded to by an agent in 30 seconds or less will be included.


Allows the selection of a specific group to be analyzed.

If no group is selected, then a record for each group is presented if the group is active during that hour.



NameColumn AbbreviationData TypeDescription
Date Range Date RangeDates & TimesThe date and time range as set in the filters.

The group for which data is being displayed in that row.

If no group is selected in the filter, then the report will display the account utilization for each group, for each date and frequency set in the filter.

Total EngagementsTENumber

Total Number of Chats that started in the time period.

This includes any engagement where the agent and visitor connected regardless if the visitor typed. In the case where the visitor does not type a message, the engagement report will show the result "chat abandon", but since the engagement was instantiated, it is counted as a chat for the total engagements metric.

Total Engagement TimeTETTimeThe time from when the agent joined the chat to when the chat engagement ended, for all chats that start within the time period labelled, calculated every hour at the end of the chat.
Average Engagement TimeAETTimeTotal Engagement Time / Total Number of Engagements.
Filled Post Engagement SurveyFPESNumberTotal number of post chat surveys filled in the time period.
Filled Post Engagement Survey RatioFPESRPercentagePercentage of Engagements in the period who filled post chat surveys (Filled post engagement survey / Number of Total Engagements).
Total Missed EngagementsMENumber

Total number of customer survey submissions (either prechat or missed chat) that did not result in connecting to an agent

Does not include "chat abandon" results, where a connection is made between the visitor and agent, but the visitor does not send a message.

Missed Engagement RatioMERPercentageTotal Missed engagements / (Total Engagements + Total Missed Engagements)
Total QueuesTQNumberTotal number: subset of total engagements that have a queue wait time
Total Queue Wait TimeTQWTTimeSum of the times of all queue wait times for that period/group
Average Queue Wait TimeAQWTTimeTotal queue wait time / Total Engagements

Utilization calculates the number agents that are chatting in the account each minute of each hour. It is the average of the total number of engagements active every minute / number of minutes.

Note that If an engagement starts within one hour and ends in the next hour, the Total Engagement Time (TET) and Average Engagement Time (AET) will be populated for the first hour, but the Utilization (Util) will be 0. The second hour will have a TET and AET of 0, but will have the correct account utilization.

No Agents Online Missed ChatNAOMCNumberThe number of missed chats because no agents were online (logged in).
No Agents Available Missed ChatNAAMCNumberThe number of missed chats because no agents were available (available statue is red).
All Agents Busy Missed ChatAABMCNumberThe number of missed chats because all agents were busy.
Out Of Schedule Missed ChatOOSMCNumberThe number of missed chats because the chat was requested outside of scheduled working hours.
Timed Out Missed ChatTOMCNumberThe number of missed chats because the queue wait for an agent timed out.
Abandoned Missed ChatAMCNumberThe number of missed chats because the chat was abandoned by the visitor while waiting in the queue.
Rejected Missed ChatRMCNumberThe number of missed chats because the chat was rejected by a user (an agent, manager or administrator).
Pre-Engagement Survey Abandoned Missed ChatPESAMCNumberThe number of missed chats that were abandoned by the visitor while the pre-engagement (pre-chat) survey was upon and not submitted.

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