How to Setup and Create Schedules

Schedule controls are accessed from the Account Settings (gear icon). 

To configure schedules, go to Account Setup > Scheduling (

The Scheduling control allows the chat hours of operations to be set for specific schedules and can be set per group. To set up groups, see Manage Groups.

The scheduled hours of operation determine the availability of the groups included in the specific schedule. If agents are online and available chat is online during business hours. When Scheduling is enabled it overrides the availability of agents, making chat offline during outside hours, even if agents are logged in. Scheduling will not make chat available if no one is logged in.


To create a schedule click the top right blue option: Add Schedule.



The Schedule will appear and allow you to name it, set the days and hours, and add the groups using these hours.



Be sure to turn scheduling on to activate.


1Turn on scheduling
2Decide if unscheduled groups are always unavailable, or if available agents in the group dynamically sets availability
3Add a new schedule- Add days and hours for specific groups
4Name the new schedule
5Add Shifts: Days of the week and time-frame
6Add Groups: highlight the groups to be included in the schedule
7Apply your new schedule


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