Engagements Dashboard

The dashboard is available to Administrators and Managers. It is comprised of a header with key metrics, and widgets that provide views into activities and metrics. All dashboard controls will refresh in real-time unless there is a refresh button on the control. widgets are auto-refreshed every minute.

Each widget can be moved to the user's desired location on the dashboard screen. Filters are available for the Visitor Engagements, Online Agents, Chat Groups and Recent Activity widgets.


Key Metrics

Percentage of active chats out of all available chat slots.
The number of visitors on the website in which Velaro is installed.
The number of visitors waiting for an agent.
The number of active chats


Dashboard Widgets

The following widgets are available on the dashboard.


Visitor Engagements


Visitor Engagements Filter


Online Agents


Online Agents Filter




Recent Activity


Recent Activity Filter


Chat Groups


Chat Groups Filter

opens a new window:


Average Handle Time


Missed Chats


Service Level

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