Microsoft Dynamics Integration

Take your live chat to the next level by harnessing the power of Microsoft Dynamics. Provide your agents the ability to search and create Microsoft Dynamics records from within with the Velaro console. 

Velaro can also capture and save conversation transcripts to Dynamics CRM, providing your team with a complete view of all your customer interactions. 


Install Dynamics 

To start the setup, log into Velaro as an administrative user and navigate to the Account Setup > Account > Integrations tab. Find the Microsoft Dynamics card and select Install.


Install Dynamics screen
Install Dynamics screen


First, input your Dynamics Resource URL. This should be the primary URL you see when logged into your Dynamics account; e.g.: https://[company] 

Next we’ll need your Discovery Source URL. Log into your Dynamics account with user who can access the Settings > Customization > Developer Resources section. Copy the Discovery Resource URL and set it on appropriate field in Velaro. 

**If your Dynamics account utilizes multi-tenant setup, you will need to also include your account’s Unique Name which can also be found in the Developer Resources section.**

Now enter your Dynamics username and password and select Connect. Now that you are connected you should see your Dynamics account number and a few global options:

  • Require users to select a CRM record per engagement – If enabled this will require that a CRM record is selected for every chat that occurs. This means your agents will always need to open an existing record or create a new record in order to archive the chat transcript to that record.
  • Require users to save their transcripts to the CRM record per engagement – If enabled this will require the chat transcript to be posted to Dynamics. Agents will not be able disable this.


Mapping record types

Dynamics record mapping
Dynamics record mapping

Velaro lets you select what record types should be used in the integration, and even what fields you want to be accessible. To map the data fields in a record type, select the + Record Type button.


Dynamics field mapping
Dynamics field mapping console


Velaro supports Dynamics’ record types for Leads, Contacts, Accounts, and Tickets. To specify the type of record you need defined just select it from the first drop down. The record name is displayed to agents when they are selecting what record type to create.

The next step in creating a record in Velaro is to define the fields that go along with it. Simply select the empty Field drop down in your table, this will open up a list of all fields that belong to that record type.

Select a Dynamics field to be mapped
Select a Dynamics field to be mapped

The rest of the columns in the table pertain to how Velaro handles the field. 

  • Linked to – This allows you to link a field value to data within Velaro. Select this and you’ll be prompted to choose from Velaro’s visitor monitoring data or from the pre-chat survey. Linking data to fields helps your agents by cutting out some what they need to enter while creating records.
  • Create – Enabling this means this field is needed to create the record, it will be displayed to the Agent when they create a new record.
  • Used for searching – This enables you to search Dynamics based on certain fields. We recommend selecting fields that have unique values such as E-Mail or Company name so that your agents get accurate results.
  • Show when selected – This enables you to choose what is shown to Agents when they have a record selected either by searching or creating.
  • Control – Select what type of input should be used when creating or editing this field. Dynamics supports some custom types such as the Company lookup, which are listed as their own Control type. If you select a list you will also see a pencil icon which allows you to define the contents of the list.
  • Default value – If using a list, you can define the default value here.
Dynamics field mapping example
Dynamics field mapping example


Once you have your fields set you can change the order with the drag and drop icon on the left of each row. When you’re all set select Save.


Using the Dynamics Integration

Your agents now have access to the Dynamics integration while in a chat. To access Dynamics, select Microsoft Dynamics from the drop down at the top of your right engagement panel. 


Select the Dynamics CRM view
Select Dynamics CRM


Upon first login, your agents will be prompted to log into Dynamics. If you have Active Directory Single Sign On (SSO) setup in Velaro, you agents will not need to login separately to Dynamics. Agents can search Dynamics directly in the main section.

Search for a Dynamics record
Dynamics record search

Once your agent is signed into Dynamics through Velaro, when a new chat comes in, Velaro will automatically search for the chat visitor in Dynamics based on the data fields you have mapped for that record type. 

Or the agent can select the New button on the bottom right and create a new record in Dynamics.


Create a new lead in Dynamics
Create a new lead in Dynamics


Data fields that have been mapped to create a record in the integration will automatically be populated from the chat.  Once you create a record, or select one by searching, the chat transcript and any mapped data fields will be displayed.

Lead record profile summary
Lead record profile summary

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