Types of Reports and Descriptions

The Reports section displays the reports menu. The Engagement report is displayed by default.



Account Utilization ReportStatistics on use of the Velaro account.
Agent Availability ReportStatistics on agent availability. 
Agent Utilization ReportStatistics on agent utilization. 
Call ReportStatistics on the click-to-call feature. 
Canned Message reportUse and performance of canned messages. 
Change LogA listing of all the administrative changes to the application. 
Customer Satisfaction ReportAccess to customer satisfaction reports. 
Engagement Report

The real-time chat engagement report.

The engagement report provides access to chat transcripts and all chat engagement data.

Missed Chat SnapshotA dashboard that displays the result and agent availability for each missed chat. 
Queue ReportStatistics on visitor queue wait times. 
Service Level reportStatistics on chat service level performance.
VisitorAccess to visitor reports. 


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