Adding Velaro to your Website

To get Velaro up and running on your website you’ll need to add the Velaro code on any page that you’d like to have chat available for your customer. We have several different deployment options for you to choose from which are covered in greater detail below. 

 You can get access to the necessary code by opening the Velaro app and Navigating to 

Account Setup > Design > Chat Designer > Actions > Deploy

When you click the Deploy button the following Dialogue will appear that will offer 


Deploy Section Dialogue Box



The Inline chat option is our most common deployment style and the one we recommend to most customers. This option will display chat on your website as a launcher and chat window that co-exists with your webpage and sits in the bottom right corner of the visitors window. When this option is selected you will see the code below with your accounts SiteID and instructions to copy and paste the code into the HTML of your website. Place this code as close to the closing body tag of your websites HTML and your customers will be able to chat with your agents. 








If your website developers would prefer to install the code on the website using Node Package Manager, which will allow both the Inline chat or Popout chat to be added to the page, you can select the NPM option which will provide installation instructions for your Devs. More information is available at our Github page here 


Dynamic Button

Our Dynamic button installation allows you to install a version of chat that launches outside of your webpage rather than in an inline window from a button that the Velaro application automatically updates based on agent availability in your account. You can configure your online and offline button right in the chat designer and place the button within the content of your website wherever you would like it to be located. 

Simply place the code snippets as directed in the dialogue box and the button will appear on your site


If you would prefer to provide chat somewhere where you cannot add our script, you can use the direct Hyperlink deployment to allow your customers to chat with some limitations on functionality. The button will not be able to determine agent availability until chatters actually click the link, and the visitors origin and other information will not work in the same way, though this can be configured manually as shown in the image below. This can allow you to include a chat URL in an email, text document or anywhere else a user can click a link that isn't a webpage. 


If none of these methods fits your intended functionality, please contact Velaro Support to inquire about other deployment options

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