Configure Canned Responses

Canned responses allow agents to quickly access frequently used messages via tag to save time typing the same answers time and time again. This frees your agents to help as many customers as possible as quickly as possible and ensure your company's messaging is consistent no matter who answers the chat.


The canned response controls are accessed from the Account Settings (gear icon). To configure canned responses, go to Account setup > Canned responses (


The Drop-down menu can be used to apply messages to specific groups. 

Canned responses configuration.
Canned Responses configuration


Add responses individually in the Edit Response screen using the Canned Message editor. You may link text using the link option and use Macros to place the agent or visitor name, or other variables, into the message directly.

Edit canned response message.
Edit Canned Response message


An alternative option is to import canned responses using our sample .csv file. You may use it to create all messages in Excel and import them all at once.


Import canned response messages.
Import Canned Response messages

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