Service Level report

The Service Level report is designed to give you information based on the chat policies set at your company,  The report can show you the Service Level of chats taken or missed within a set time parameter in the report.



Service Level


Average Handle Time




Filters and settings

The Service Level report provides the following filters. See Report Filters and Settings for details.

  • Timeframe
  • Filter by:
    • Chat results
    • SWSL Gauge timing
    • MWSL Gauge timing
    • Group
  • Primary and Secondary timeframes
  • Group by timeframe increment
  • Download report
  • Email report
  • Schedule report



GroupGroup the metrics are shown for.
Average Chat LengthAverage time chats lasted
Queue Wait TimeAverage time chats waited in queue.
SWSLServiced Within Service Level:  will show chat as serviced within the set time or less.
ServicedChats serviced: total chat taken
MissedChats missed: total missed chats
MWSLMissed Within Service Level:  will show missed chats as missed within the set time or less.
AHTAverage Handle Time: average time taken to complete a chat
SLService Level: chats serviced versus missed chat shown in percent.

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