Agent Survey

The agent survey allows your agents to submit information about the chat or the customer during the chat itself to get more specific information needed from a customer. These can be specified for each group so a sales survey might want information related to lead generation like the customer's needs, budget, and a potential products they may be interested in, while a support survey might want to track the topic they are inquiring about for long term tracking of common questions

To configure the Agent survey, go to Account Setup > Workflows > Agent Survey ( The Agent survey is available in Basic and Advanced Workflows.

Agent survey option in the Workflows menu.


Agent survey settings

When the Agent survey is enabled, the following controls are available.

Agent survey settings.
1GroupThe group for which the Agent survey is configured.
2ImportClicking the Import button opens a dialog box that allows you to select pre-configured Agent survey from another group. This allows you to use the same, or parts of the same surveys across multiple groups with ease.
3Enable agent survey
  • Unchecked: The Agent is disabled. See the following ection for controls available when the Agent survey is disabled.
  • Checked (Default): The Agent survey is enabled, and the controls are displayed (#4 - #6 on this table).
4Require agent survey
  • Unchecked (Default): The Agent survey is available to the agent, but is not required.
  • Checked:  The agent survey is required. Agents will not be able to exit from a chat until the agent survey is submitted.
5SurveyThe agent survey as currently configured. See the Survey Builder article for details about the controls available to configure an agent survey.
6Add itemsClicking the Add Items button opens the Survey Builder controls.

Clicking the save button to save the changes to the Agent survey.

Be sure to save changes to the survey before navigating away from the page or your updates will be lost.


Agent survey disabled

When the agent survey is disabled, the agent survey is not displayed to the agent. No controls are needed.

Settings for disabled agent survey.


The agent survey

The agent survey is located in the visitor information panel of the agent console, to the right of the chat, and can be filled out at any time during the chat. If the survey is set to required, an agent will be required to submit the completed survey before the chat can be exited.

Example of an agent survey in the console visitor information panel.
Sample Survey

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