Quick Start Guide

Thanks for choosing Velaro. This guide will take you through the Velaro setup basics to get you started quickly.

Step 1: Brand chat for your company

First, set up the appearance of your visitor-facing chat window to make sure that your live chat represents your brand design. Here you can update your logo, color scheme, company name, window size, and even the automatic message text sent from the Velaro system. 

  • Brand the chat window: set your company name, logo, and color scheme. See Chat Designer for more information.
Configure the visitor chat window.


Step 2: Set up agent profile

The Profile screen is where you will set up all of the settings that are personal to you or a specific user. Here we can upload your headshot and update your display name, customize your notification settings, as well as the appearance of the engagement screen including font size and color when you are in a chat.

Agent profile screen.


Step 3: Set up groups

Groups are how Velaro routes chats and applies workflow rules depending on the customer's needs. Sales and support are common groups but you can split these up in any way that makes sense for your business such as product line, customer language, or geographical location of the visitor.

Configure groups screen.


Step 4: Invite agents

Once your groups are configured, invite your agents to the account to populate groups with the experts that will be staffing chat.

  • Send invitations to the individuals who will be conducting chats and managing the system. See Manage Agents.
Invite agents screen.


Step 5: Customize visitor workflow

Workflow settings determine the entirety of the customer experience as they go through the process of chatting with your company, this includes collecting information from a customer before the chat starts, routing chats to the correct groups, what to display to the customer if no agents are available, and collecting customer satisfaction data as well. This is also where you can configure how long visitors should wait in a queue before being allowed to leave a message for you to see offline.

Customize workfow screen.


Step 6: Add chat to your website

Once these steps are complete you are all ready to deploy chat to your website and begin helping your customers. The deploy options will give you the scripts needed to install the Velaro chat functionality on your website when you are ready to go live.

Deploy chat screen.


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