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Percent Chat Time


Response Efficiency


Chat Times


Proactive Requests


Filters and settings

The Agent Utilization Report offers the following filters and settings. See Report Filters and Settings for details.

  • Timeframe
  • Filter settings
    • Response Gauge
    • Engagement Time Threshold
    • Response Efficiency Threshold
    • Weighted Averages (yes/no)
    • Agents
  • Group by:
    • Agent
    • Hourly
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
  • Download report
  • Email report
  • Schedule report



DateDateThe specific hour, day, week, or month period for which the data in that row is collected. Based on the group by selection in the filters
Agent Name of agent for which data was collected
TTATotal Time Available 
TETotal EngagementsAn Agent Engagement is an object that we create each time an agent joins an engagement. We update it when the agent exits. So, each one is a session that the agent was in the engagement.  TE is a Count of all Agent Engagements where Date Joined < hour Ended && Date Exited > hour Started
TETTotal Engagement TimeSums the length of the join/exit times from the Agent Engagements from the Total Chats column
METMultiple Engagement TimeTotal time the agent spent in more than 1 chat concurrently
SETSingle Engagement TimeTotal time the agent spent in only 1 chat.
AETAverage Engagement TimeTotal chat time/Total chats
Idle TimeIdle TimeTTA - Linear Chat Time 
ETPercentage Engagement TimeTotalEngagementTime / TotalTimeAvailable 
ARTAverage Response TimeTotalResponseTime / TotalResponses 
REResponse EfficiencyResponseGauge / AverageResponseTime 
PERProactive Engagement RequestsJust sums up the number of engagements. This is the calculation that should be done for Total Chats (This should instead be the Total number of times the agent manually invited a visitor
PESProactive Engagement SessionsSums up the number of engagements that weren't rejected or timed out (Seems like a bug. should be the subset of PER that resulted in engagements)
ABDAbandonmentsSums up the number of engagements that are Queue Abandoned
TRJRejectionsSums up the number of engagements that are rejected
UtilUtilizationLook at every minute in the hour and count the number of engagements occurring at each minute, then average the 60 values

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