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To manage the agents and other users in your account, log into Velaro (, and navigate to the Profile menu and click on Account Setup > Configure Agents > Agents screen (


Add Users

Invite new users by clicking on the Add Users button on the Manage Agents screen

When you click on the Add Users button the Invite New User window will display

Enter the email address of the new user and select their role: Agent, Manager, Admin or Viewer. If you’d like to invite multiple users at once, just hit the Add Invite button to enter additional addresses. Don’t forget to assign your new users to a group; otherwise you’ll have to do so later in the Groups section.

Video: Add users to Velaro.
Add agent by invitation

Once you’ve invited users, they will get a welcome email from Velaro prompting them to confirm their address and create a password. Until they accept the invitation, invited users will appear under the pending tab.

If for any reason you need to delete the invite you have sent out, simply click the Revoke button and that user will not be able to accept your invitation.

The following table describes the roles in detail:

AgentAn Agent is a user that can conduct chats with a visitor. Managers and Admins can also be Agents.
Agents don't have dashboard or admin panel access, and they can only see reports of their own activity.
ManagerA Manager is a user that has access to the dashboard, groups and reports across the entire site account.
Managers don't have admin access.
AdminAn Admin is a user that can configure the account design and workflow configuration settings for the site.
Admins have access to the dashboard, groups and reports across the entire site account, as well as to the site setting administration area.
ViewerA Viewer is a user that can only see the Visitor engagements and Agent Performance dashboard.
Viewers don't have the ability to take chats or view any other area of the application.
Viewers are typically executives that need broad visibility into the chat account activity landscape.

If you can't send an invitation, you can manually register the user by clicking "Can't send and invite? Create a user manually". 

The interface will allow you to also submit the user's Name and Password to create an account directly. Once this is done you will need to supply the login credentials to the new user.


Video: invite new users to Velaro.
Add an agent manually


Manage Agents and other Users

Controls on the Manage Agents screen allow you to manage the users in your account.

The indicators will tell you if a user is logged in, and if they are available. The timer comments will tell you how long ago the indicator status changed.

Manage agents screen.
Status indicator colorDescription
BlackNot logged in
RedLogged in, Not available
GreenLogged in, Available


Select the User status control to filter the list by availability status.

Filter users by status.


Select the Role control to add or remove user rule permissions. Multiple roles can be assigned to a single user.

Select user role permissions.


Click on the agent menu to set max chat number and change the user's availability.

Set maximum concurrent chats for each user.


You can also allow or prevent an Agent level user from seeing their colleague's chats.

Allow or prevent a user from seeing other user's chats.


Click on the user's name to navigate directly to their profile page settings.

View the users profile settings.

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