Netsuite Troubleshooting

Problems logging into Netsuite in Velaro

If you are having an issue logging into the CRM side panel on the engagement screen or the Admin Configuration area for Netsuite in the Velaro Account Setup area, here are some common troubleshooting steps.


If your login is failing before selecting your role:

  • First, check to see if there are any errors displayed on the screen, and check the error messages listed later in this article for information on how to resolve them.
  • If the error displayed on the screen simply says “Unable to connect to Netsuite”, you can check in the Velaro integration Execution Logs to see if there is a more descriptive error that was returned from Netsuite.


If your login is failing after selecting your role:

  • Make sure that you are choosing the Velaro Integration role when logging into Netsuite from Velaro
  • If the Velaro Integration role is not appearing from the Role Selection dropdown menu:
    • Navigate to your user, select Access, edit your user, and manually add the "Velaro Integration" role to your user account. (This may require Netsuite Administrator permissions).


Common Errors when logging in

Invalid Email or Password

NetSuite admin login "invalided email" error
NetSuite admin login: “invalid email” error

If you get this error, make sure that your Email and Password combination are correct. To confirm this, log out of Netsuite in the Netsuite web interface and manually enter your email and password that you are entering into Velaro and make sure that the same credentials are in fact valid. 


User has exceeded the number of active access tokens for this role.

NetSuite admin login: "active access tokens exceeded" error
NetSuite admin login: “active access tokens exceeded” error

If you see this error it means that your user has the maximum number of tokens that Netsuite allows for your role. Login to Netsuite and deactivate unused active tokens in order to allow the connection to Velaro. To do this you will need to navigate to:

Setup>Users/Roles>Access Tokens

On this screen, you will see a list of active tokens. Find the ones associated with your user, identify any that are not being used then click edit for those tokens and then click Revoke.


This Suitelet is invalid, disabled, or no longer exists

NetSuite admin login: "Invalid Suitelet" error
NetSuite admin login: “invalid Suitelet” error

If you see this error it means that the wrong Restlet was selected when initially configuring the integration. To resolve this:

  1. Disable your Netsuite integration in Velaro and refresh your screen.
  2. Go back into your Netsuite account and go through the process detailed in the Setting up NetSuite article for getting the Velaro Restlet URL. When selecting from the two different script deployments that show for Velaro, make sure you select the one that is marked as “Released” in the status column, not the one that is labeled as “Testing”. The ID for this is "customdeploy1".


No errors shown

If you see no errors in the Velaro Execution log you can check two places in your NetSuite interface to see if NetSuite's logging has a more descriptive error.

  • First, check the Login Audit Trail. You can find this under  Setup > Users/Roles > View Login Audit Trail. Enter the user that you tried to log in with and the Velaro integration role in the proper sections of the search, and see if there are any errors shown.
  • Second, check the Script Execution Log at Customization>Scripting>Script execution logs, and look for the error you saw when you tried to log in with the Velaro Integration Role. It may help to filter for only the script velaro_restlet_v2.


Problems with record search and creation 


If searching for records in the Velaro interface is not returning results for records you know are in your Netsuite account

  1. Check the permissions available on the Velaro Netsuite Integration Role. If the permissions on this role are limited in your account you can create a copy of this role, that has the expanded permissions and use the new copy to connect to Netsuite.
  2. Ensure that if you are testing in a Netsuite Sandbox environment. Both your known record and your connection to Velaro are in the Sandbox account



Most errors on record creation result from either a missing field which is required in Netsuite but was either not mapped or was omitted by an agent during creation. 

To resolve this:

  • Navigate to Account Setup>Integrations>Configuration and then click on the Netsuite card where it says "Configure"
  • Click “Connect”, and then check each of the field mappings in the account to ensure that the field which was identified as missing is mapped for any of the record types. 
  • In order to open the mappings and check to ensure that the field is mapped, click on “Edit”, select the “FieldID” from the dropdown in the "Field" column, and ensure that the box is checked in the "create" column for that field. 


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