Queues Location and Descriptions

The Queues are found on the Engagements screen.

1Mine TabDefault: lists all chats where the agent is connected in a chat engagement
2Pending TabClicking on Pending lists all chats waiting to be connected (with the correct viewing permissions and based on the agent's group membership).
3All TabClicking on All lists all chats being handled by all agents (only shown with the correct viewing permissions).
4Selected chat button

The "selected" active chat, for which the Chat area and Visitor Information is displayed.

Each chat button lists the following information:

  • Visitor image or map location if they didn't login with social media
  • The duration of the current chat
  • The group in which the chat is occurring
5Unread messages indicatorThe number of unread messages posted by the visitor in chat(s) not selected as the active chat.

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