Chat Designer Overview

This article provides an overview of the features available in the Chat Designer.

The Chat Designer is the design interface for the new Visitor Chat window. You can access these settings here:

The Chat Designer combines the Inline Chat and Popout Chat design screens from the Design menu (Account Setup > Design), along with the Engagement Scripts, Popout Chat and text chat screens from the Deploy menu (Account Setup > Deploy) in a single interface to design and deploy all implementations of the Visitor Chat Window.

See Visitor Chat Window for more information about the Visitor Chat experience.

Chat designer configuration.



Global SettingsLogoIntro text
Chat design global settings.
Chat design logo settings.
Chat design introduction settings.
QueueChat optionsNotices
Chat design queue settings.
Chat design options settings.
Chat design notices settings.
LauncherDynamic buttonEye Catcher
Chat design launcher settings.
Chat design dynamic button settings.
Chat design eye catcher settings.


Group Action Menu

Copy Settings

If you have more than one group and want to copy the design options from one group to another, use this option to copy another groups settings into the group you've selected in the drop-down menu

Copy a group's settings


Reset Default Settings

The default settings for each group can be restored by selecting the Restore Defaults option.

Restore default settings



Test the visitor side of the chat prior to deploying any code on your pages

Test chat action


Deploy Chat code

Deploy chat action


Deployment Options

Deployment options


Inline Chat

Inline chat deployment script.


Pop-out Chat from a Dynamic Button

Dynamic button deployment script.


Pop-out Chat from a Hyperlink

Pop-out chat deployment script.



Contact support for other deployment methods.


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