The Chat Launcher is the little chat icon that floats on the bottom right hand side of your page and opens an inline chat window on your website. This item can be customized from with the Chat Designer settings.

You can access these settings here:


Launcher Screen

Change the options for the inline chat icon. There are tabs for Available, Unavailable and Chatting options

  • Border radius: Round or square the icon
  • Icon: Change the chat bubble to another image like your logo
  • Text: Text will show to the right of the icon, phrases like "Live Chat" or "Chat Now" can be added
  • Sliders: use these to adjust icon's
    • Font size
    • Icon height
    • Icon width
    • X Position
    • Y Position
    • Padding
  • Background color
  • Text color

To deploy the inline chat

select the Inline option and copy to the code presented

Paste the code before the end body tag or your website's HTML

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