Exiting Chat

Exiting chat settings control the automatic closing of chats that have been inactive after a period of time. Exiting chat is available to customers that have Advanced Workflow enabled in their account.

To configure Exiting chat settings, go to Account Setup > Workflows > Exiting chat (https://app.velaro.com/#/admin/workflows/exiting-chat)



Exiting chat settings

GroupSelect the group to automatically exit chats after a period of inactivity.
Auto-close chats

Select the time of inactivity before the chat will automatically close. 

Time increments of 5 minutes or less do not offer auto-close warning options.

Auto-close warning
  • If unchecked: turns off the Auto-close warning message feature and hides the Auto-close warning text control
  • If checked: turns on the Auto-close warning message features and displays the Auto-close warning test control.
Auto-close warning textDisplays a custom message to the visitor notifying them that the chat will be automatically closed in one minute.
SaveClick to save your settings

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