Email Customization

he Emails settings are accessed in the Design section of the Account Settings menu.

email settings shown in left panel.


The following settings are available to configure emails:

Email design settings screen
EmailChoose the email type to be configured. Transcript email is the default setting.
GroupSelect the Group to customize the transcript emails for chats in that group.
SubjectConfigure the subject line to be displayed in the email. The Company Name is entered on the Account Settings > Account > Settings screen.
Website URLAdd a custom font URL if desired. Please contact Velaro Support for more information about this feature.
Font familySelect the font to be used for the email text.
Logo SrcEnter the URL for the logo to be displayed in your email. Contact Velaro Support if you need assistance hosting email logos.
Logo AltAdd the alternative text for the logo image. 
Header TextThe heading displayed in the email.
No Reply TextThe no-reply email address from which the email is sent.
Footer TextAdd text to be displayed in the footer of the email.
Copyright TextAdd text to be displayed in the copyright notice.
Show Pre-Chat SurveyInclude the Pre-Chat Survey in the transcript email.
Show Post-Chat SurveyInclude the Post-Chat Survey in the transcript email.
TestSend a test email. A dialog box will open to enter an email address to send the test email.
Restore DefaultsRestores the default email settings for the selected group.
SaveSave email settings.

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