Working from Home

Here is a listing of features that agents can use to improve productivity, with links to setup instructions.


Alternative alert notifications

Email and SMS Text Alert Notifications provide alternative ways for Velaro to notify agents of a new chat, these are in addition to your browser or desktop app/system tray notifications. This allows agents to be away from their machines, and still receive notice of a new chat.

Contact Velaro Support to have Email and SMS text alerts turned on for your account

Please note: when implementing email and SMS text alerts for your account, you may want to extend chat timeout settings, as email and SMS text messages to your phone rely on the speed of your cellular data connection.


New Chat Email Alert

Have new chat notification alerts sent to your email address (your Velaro username).

New Chat Text Alert

Enter your mobile number and have new chat notifications texted to your phone.


Custom agent unavailable information

An administrator can add a set of unavailable reasons that agents can select to indicate the reason they are unavailable for chat. Each agent can select a preset reason, or enter a one-time custom reason for being unavailable at any time. These unavailable reasons are displayed on the manager's dashboard, for better overall visibility into the available of the remote team.

Contact Velaro to have custom agent unavailable information turned on for your account.


See Custom Agent Statuses for details on this feature.

At this time, the data is shown on the dashboard widget only, and not saved to the agent availability record. That enhancement is prioritized for release in May 2020.


Velaro Desktop Apps

Use the Velaro Desktop App when working from home to avoid browser conflicts.

Download links

Download the desktop app for Windows

Download the desktop app for Mac iOS


Adding a notice to the pre-chat survey

Insert a message at the beginning of your prechat survey to address any service changes or possible delays that your customers may experiencing when seeing to chat with an agent.


Use the HTML/Plain Text survey question type to insert a text notice in your Pre-chat Survey


Adjust the queue timer message

If your visitors will be experiencing longer wait times, you may want to adjust your queue header text, queue position text, and whether you want to enable the queue timer for visitors that are waiting.


Refer to this article on the Chat Designer: Queue


Advanced Workflow: adjust routing timeout settings

Extent the advanced workflow routing queue timeout settings to allow agents more time to get to chats that are waiting.

Contact Velaro Support to have Advanced Workflow enabled for your account..


See the Workflow Overview for more information on routing and timeout settings.



Give your visitors the option to have a chat or call back in the Pre-chat Survey.

Click to call enables a "Chat or call" question in the prechat survey, to allow the visitor to submit the survey to start a chat, or request a call back from an agent.

Agents that have "Click to call" enabled on their profile are alerted when a visitor has requested a call back. When the agent is ready to make the call, the agent clicks to start the call in Velaro, and the agent call activity is tracked on the managers dashboard, the call is tracked as a call engagement, and the agent is unavailable to take chats until the call is complete.

Click to call features an additional manager dashboard widget and dedicated click to call report to log agent call engagements.

Contact Velaro to have click to call enabled for your account.

Click-to-Call conference bridge

Velaro can enable a telephone conference bridge that will call the visitor, call and connect the agent, and then bridge the call, to automate click to call telephony for your team.

Contact Velaro for more information about call conference bridging


Velaro Chatbots

Extend the reach of your agents during busy times and off-hours with a Velaro Chatbot

  • Greeting & Triage: Set up your Velaro Chatbot to answer chats while your agents are busy, have it triage issues and answer FAQs
  • Natural Language Processing: Train your Velaro Chatbot to answer open questions
  • Q&A maker: feed an FAQ, PDF or website to the Velaro Chatbot to digest to provide answers to your customers quickly and easily
  • Bot lead capture: Conversational data capture to take a ticket or qualify a lead automatically
  • Scheduling: Have the bot schedule a callback or meeting for agents on your calendar with Calendly
  • Escalate to an agent: Your Velaro Chatbot can transfer the chat to an agent at any time

Velaro also supports the Dialogflow chatbot integration 

In order to proceed with setting up your chatbot, it is important that the chatbot conversation flow is planned first. The Velaro Support team will help get you started planning your chatbot.

Contact Velaro to learn more about chatbot features and services.


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