Google Analytics Tracking

For use when using the Velaro Google Analytics integration

In the Account Settings, go to the Integration tab and select Configuration. Click on the Google Analytics link and you will see the following screen. You can add a tracking # per group and can choose to track by event or page

Add tracking per group in Velaro and choose to track by event or page


Page Tracking


Events can be tracked as page views using goals on your Google Analytics account to track PreChats, Queue, Chats, PostChats, and Missed Chats. These are tracked by adding the following destinations to your Goals.


PreChat: ^/Chat/PreChat

Queue: ^/Chat/Queue

Chat: ^/Chat/Chat

PostChat: ^/Chat/PostChat

MissedChat: ^/Chat/MissedChat


Set up chat events as page views to track Velaro pre-chats, queues, chats, post-chats, and missed chats in Google Analytics



Event Tracking

For event tracking, all events are sent to google analytics with an event category of velaro and event actions as follows:







Velaro event tracking in Google Analytics




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