Submit diagnostic log

If you are experiencing issues during a chat, you can use the “Submit Diagnostic Logs” feature in the Velaro Console to capture a snapshot of the system status.


Clicking Submit Diagnostic Logs performs a system diagnostic test and provides a field for you to enter a description of the issue. Sending the Submit Diagnostic Logs request creates a service desk ticket and sends the user an email notification.

For best results, be sure to click Help while the issue is occurring. This will ensure the tool captures the relevant system console alerts for troubleshooting.


Step-by-step guide


  • Select “Help” from the profile menu. When you click help a modal window will open and run a diagnostic test immediately.
  • Describe the issue and click "Sent to Support". This will create a support ticket and a confirmation message will be sent to the email addressed used to login. The help request can also be cancelled.
  • Once you click Send to Support, a confirmation window will appear with a code for your records.


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