Customize Your Chat Launcher

Ensure brand consistency across all your customer touchpoints and provide a unified experience to your prospects and customers. With Velaro you can design your chat launcher to match your company's branding colors, images, and attributes.

You can access these settings here:


Launcher Screen

Change the options for the inline chat icon. There are tabs for Available, Unavailable, and Chatting options

  • Border radius: Round or square the icon
  • Icon: Change the chat bubble to another image like your logo
  • Text: Text will show to the right of the icon, phrases like "Live Chat" or "Chat Now" can be added
  • Sliders: use these to adjust icons
    • Font size
    • Icon height
    • Icon width
    • X Position
    • Y Position
    • Padding
  • Background color
  • Text color
Launcher settings.


To deploy the inline chat

Once you are done designing your chat widget and chat launcher, follow the following steps:


Step 1: 

Go to the upper left drop down menu and click 'Actions'. Scroll down and go to ‘Deploy’. 

Deploy action


Step 2: 

Select the Inline option and copy the code presented:

Deploy options.


Step 3:

Paste the code before the end body tag or your website's HTML. 

For additional deployment options and instructions go to Deploying Live Chat To Your Website

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