Post-Chat Survey

The Post-Chat survey allows you to collect information from your customer after a chat has ended. Most commonly this is used as a customer satisfaction survey, but if there is any other information you would like to collect from a customer after the end of a chat, that can be done here as well. 

To configure the Post-chat survey, go to Account Setup > Workflows > Post-chat survey (

The Post-chat survey is available in Basic and Advanced Workflows.

Post-chat survey enabled

When the Enable post-chat survey is checked (Default), the following controls are available.

1GroupThe Group for which the survey is being configured.
2ImportClicking the import button opens a dialog box that allows you to upload a pre-configured post-chat survey. 
3Enable Post-chat survey
  • Unchecked: The Post-chat survey is disabled. See the following section for controls available when the Post-chat survey is disabled.
  • Checked (Default): The Post-chat survey is enabled, and the controls are displayed (#4 - #9 on this table).
4E-mail toInsert one or more email addresses to be sent a  email with the results of the post-chat survey.
5Header textThe introductory text message displayed in the header of the pre-chat survey.
6Submit button textThe text displayed on the submit button of the pre-chat survey
7Survey complete messageThe text displayed after the survey has been successfully submitted.
8SurveyThe pre-chat survey as it is currently configured. See the Survey builder article.
9Add itemsClicking the Add Items button opens the Survey builder controls.

Clicking the save button to save the changes to the pre-chat survey

Be sure to save changes to the survey before navigating away from the page or your updates will be lost.



Post-chat survey disabled

When the Enable post-chat survey is disabled, when the visitor clicks to end a chat, the chat will simply end, and no post-chat survey will be displayed.

No controls are required if the post-chat survey is disabled.

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