Account Setup Full Checklist

Setup Profile

Configure your profile settings. See Profile Menu.


Configure Agents

Add your users to the system, configure roles, preferences and options. See Manage Agents.


Configure Groups

Create groups of users with unique settings, functions and purpose. See Manage Groups.


Configure Workflow

Set up the visitor's chat experience for each group based on your business requirements. See Workflow Overview.


Group selection

Configure routing rules to send visitors to the appropriate group of agents for help. See Group Selection.


Custom Data

Pass in Custom Data from the website to the agents to be used as rule conditions for group selection and group re-selection workflow rules. This data is also available and the Engagement and Conversion reports. See Custom Data.


Pre-chat survey

Configure the up-front questions asked of the visitors prior to chatting. See Pre-chat Survey.


Group re-selection

Configure routing rules to send visitors to the appropriate group of agents for help based upon the answers to the Pre-chat survey questions. See Group Re-selection.



Determine what options are best suited to greet visitors when agents are unavailable. Choose from hiding the chat, displaying text, a survey, or routing to a url. See Unavailable Survey.



Rank agents in tiers of priority to ensure all chats are handled. See Tiers.



Configure options routing chats to agents. Choose options for Auto-Routing and for queueing, including rerouting when agents don't respond and queue wait times. See Routing.


Post-chat survey

Configure the survey questions asked of the visitors after the chat and determine customer satisfaction. See Post-Chat Survey.


Transfer chat

Configure the setting options for chat transfers. See Transfer Chat .


Exiting chat

Determine the length of time, if any, that a chat should linger with no activity prior to being automatically closed. See Exiting Chat.


Agent survey

Ask questions of your agents regarding the content or result of the chat. See Agent Survey.


Post-chat action

Automatically send transcripts to specific email addresses, the participating agents and or visitor. 


Canned responses

Create answers to frequently asked questions agents can pull via keywords for ease of use and consistent messaging. See Configure Canned Messages.



Determine set hours when chat is not available, even if an agent forgot to log out. See Scheduling.



Select the color scheme and other design options for the visitor's chat window appearance. See the Chat Designer Overview



Block harassing visitors via IP address and set-up tracking of specific conversions like sales or specific page landings. See Visitor.



Generate the scripts to implement Velaro Live Chat services on your website. See Chat Designer: Deploy




Configure account location information, Timezone, social media Links and agent options. See Account- Settings 



Customize Enterprise security options, including HIPAA Compliance Mode and the GDPR transfer delete schedule. See Security.



Work directly through our interface to integrate a number of 3rd party enterprise software systems with Velaro Live Chat service. Set Single-sign-on options, or FTP information, for offloading transcript data. See Integrations.

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