Chat options

Options for the customer view will show here

Enable print buttonAllow Visitors options to print the transcript
Enable email buttonAllow Visitors options to email the transcript
Email modal settingsConfigure the wording for the visitor transcript emailing option
Enable upload

Allows visitors to send files to agents

All files sent are virus scanned and presented as a clickable link for downloading

Enable chat star ratingPlaces star rating in chat header for agent rating
Enable chat line ratingAllows visitor to give a thumbs up or down per agent response
Chat rating textEdit rating text
Text colorVisitor text color in chat
System text colorSystem text color in chat
Header imageChoose Agent  Headshot,  Company Logo, or no header image
Header image scaleAdjust the size of the header image
PlaceholderText shown in text box prior to visitor typing
Chat line imagechoose Agent  Headshot or Company Logo, to show to visitor next to agent replies
New message soundThe sound visitors hear when agents reply
24 hour time stampchoose 12 or 24 hour timestamps for text

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