Conversation Panel

When a chat is selected from the queue, the conversation panel displays the selected chat message history. The conversation panel can be found on the Engagements screen.



1Chatting with Guest

Identifies who the chat is with, using the Visitor Name variable.

If the visitor name is not provided, then "Guest" is used.

2GroupThe current group of the chat.
3DurationThe length of time of the chat since a connection was made with the agent.
4Visitor language

Default: English

Clicking on visitor language displays the following dialog box:

5Viewer's identity

Displays the profile image and agent display name of the user who is currently viewing the selected chat

This eliminates confusion there are multiple agents in the chat, or in the case where a manager or administrator is viewing a chat.

6System noticeA system-generated message.
7Agent messageAn agent-posted message.
8Visitor messageA visitor-posted message.
9Exit chat

Allows the agent to exit the chat.

If there are 2 or more than one agents in a chat, the first agent to click the exit button is exited from the chat. When the last agent remaining in the chat clicks the Exit button, the chat engagement is ended.

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