Agent Performance Dashboard

The Agent Performance dashboard leverages the Agent and Group tag attributes to deliver a real-time dashboard that allows volume customers a view across their chat operations landscape. Each view has a toggle for daily and hourly calculations. To set up the Agent Performance dashboard, see Group tags and Agent Tags.

Users are required to have the "Viewer" rule enabled to access the Agent Performance dashboard.


View by Group


View by Group Tag


View by Agent Tag



The following metrics are available for each view on the Agent Performance dashboard.

Contacts WaitingThe number of visitors waiting for a chat.
Average Queue TimeThe average wait time across all chats.
Oldest Contact WaitingThe length of time that the earliest visitor has been waiting.
Agents AvailableThe number of agents available.

Aux Away

Logged In Unavailable

The number of agents that are logged in but not available.
Logged InThe number of agents logged in.
Average Wait TimeThe average time that visitors have been waiting.
Service LevelThe service level success percentage based on settings in the Service Level report

The number of chat slots available. (Chat slots = number of agents available x number of max chats set for each agent)

Agent max chats can be set on the Manage Agents screen and also on each agents profile page: Profile > Chats

AnsweredThe number of visitor chat request that resulted in an engagement with an agent.
Average Handle TimeThe average length of time across all chats.

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