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Metrics descriptions 

Visitor TotalTotal number of visitors.
ChatTotal chats.
Total converted from visitorsnumber of visitors that chatted after visiting.
Total unconverted from visitorsNumber of visitors who did not chat.
Total converted from chatNumber of visitors who completed the conversion.
Total unconverted from chatTotal converted from visitor - Total converted from chat.
Total converted value from chatSum of the value of all conversions.
Average converted value from chatTotal converted value / Total converted chats.
Total unconverted value from chatSum of all value of unconverted chats.
Average unconverted value from chatTotal unconverted value / Total unconverted chats.



  • Date range
  • Summarize by: Full Details or Summarized
  • All groups or a specific group
  • Conversion pipeline chart level settings: Level 1 & Level 2



DateDate of the conversation.
ConversionName of the conversation as configured by the admin ( See /wiki/spaces/ITSD/pages/222953536
ValueEither a static value, or variable passed in for each conversion.
GroupGroup the visitor was in when the conversion was completed.
AgentAgent that the visitor chatted with before completing the conversion.
PersonaNot used.
InvitationIf an invitation is configured as a conversion milestone, the name of the invitation is displayed.
VisitorName of the visitor.

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