Visitor Information

The visitor information panel is part of the Engagements screen. This visitor information panel appears alongside an active chat and gives the ability to view rich information about the visitor.

Visitor information panel
Visitor Information panel
1CRM Screen

A selection menu control that toggles between views of chat information and views of CRM record(s). 

The CRM View toggle control appears only if one or more external CRM systems are configured.

2Visitor summary

A summary of information from the pre-chat survey and browser visitor monitoring data.

  • Visitor Image
    • Default: A map image of the general location of the user based on the visitor's ISP.
    • Social Media: if the visitor logs into Velaro with their social media credentials, the social media platform profile image is displayed.
  • Email address: if the email address is available from the pre-chat survey it is displayed.
  • The city, state and country of the visitor is displayed, based on the available browser visitor information.
3Pre-chat SurveyThe results of the visitor pre-chat survey, if enabled and configured. 
4Agent SurveyDisplays the Agent survey, if enabled and configured. Agents can be required to answer the agent survey based on workflow configuration rules.
5Secure FormsSecure forms only show up for pertinent chats
6Custom DataA listing of the custom data variables that have been passed into the Velaro application. This is most often marketing campaign management and visitor identification data passed into Velaro from customer websites, marketing management systems or customer networks. 
7ActivityThe website browsing history of the visitor.
8InformationThe default visitor information data captured from the visitor's browser session. 
9HistoryThe history of chats with the customer.
10Group transfersThe history of group transfers for the visitor.
11eCommerce informationFor customers with a Magento integration, the visitors shopping cart contents and other checkout information is displayed.

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