Queue Report

The Queue report is generated hourly and provides a view into the demand, conversion and wait time data for visitors waiting for a chat in a queue. It is located in the reports section: https://app.velaro.com/#/reports/queue.


Total Demand

The Total Demand chart shows the total number of queues requested.


Conversion Ratio

The Conversion Ratio chart shows the total queues, missed engagements and engagements.


Unconverted Queues

The Unconverted Queues char shows the number of abandoned, rejected and timed-out queues.


Average Wait Time

The Average Wait Time chart shows the average queue wait times as related to high and low wait time thresholds. Time thresholds are set in the filter.


Filters and settings

The Queue report provides the following filters and settings. See Report Filters and Settings for more details.

  • Timeframe
  • Filter by
    • Weekends (y/n)
    • Include Abandoned Pre-chat Surveys (y/n)
    • Show Inactivity (y/n)
    • High Threshold, seconds (sets the high threshold red line in the Average Wait Time chart)
    • Low Threshold, seconds (set the low threshold green line in the Average Wait Time chart)
    • Group



The data for the queue report is captured each hour, for each group.

Clicking on each column header will toggle the records by that column in ascending or descending order.

Each column can be added-to or removed from the report.

DateDateThe date and time of the report.
GroupGroupThe group for which the data is captured.
AVGQWTAverage Queue Wait TimeThe average queue wait time.
AVGIQDAverage Initial Queue DepthThe average queue initial wait number presented to the visitor. Depth = order in the queue.
AbandonedAbandonedThe number of chats abandoned in queue
Timed OutTimed OutThe number of chats that timed-out in queue.
RejectedRejectThe number of chats that were rejected in queue.
Total EngagementsTotal EngagementsThe total number of engagements.

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