How To Implement Tiers In Workflow Settings

Tiers are available to customers with advanced workflow enabled.


Tiers allow you to organize and prioritize which agents in a specific group should be the first to receive a chat, and which agents should only receive chats in the event of an overflow. Chats in lower tiers will wait for the full queue wait timeout before agents in the next tier see the alert for that chat. 


How to configure tiers

To configure tiers, go to Account Settings > Workflows > Tiers (

  • Each group has 10 tiers that can be set up and used in routing configuration workflow rules.
  • To add an agent to a tier, first, add the agent to the group and then move the agent to the desired tier. Be sure to select the intended group from the drop-down menu.
  • You can drop and drag agents from one tier to another.


Tiers confirguration.


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