Visitor Monitoring Dashboard

The Visitor Monitoring Dashboard is comprised of 12 widgets that present the visitor monitoring data in graphic format.

The Dashboard will update automatically.


Visitor Monitoring Dashboard Widgets

Visitor CountDisplays the count of current visitors on pages where Velaro chat is enabled.
24 Hour Visitor TimelineDisplays the history of visitors over the past 24 hours, updated hourly.
Visits This MonthDisplays the history of visitors in the current month
Operating SystemThe type of operating system platform that visitors are using to chat.
Browser VisitorsThe browsers that visitors are using.
Country VisitorsThe countries where visitors are located.
Top pagesA list of the top pages that the visitors are currently on.
Top SourcesThe top sources from which visitors are being referred.
Visitors Per GroupThe groups that visitors are in. This is for sites that have separate group sections coded directly.
Top LanguagesThe languages your site is currently viewed in.

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