Visitor Monitoring Visitor Data

In the Visitor Monitoring Visitors tab, you will see the following


1Add/Remove Columns

Displays a select menu of columns that can be added or removed from the visitor list.

The following columns are available:

  • Area Code
  • Browser
  • City
  • Country
  • Country Code
  • Crawler
  • CRM
  • Current Page
  • Chat Requested From
  • Domain Name
  • Agent
  • Email Address
  • First Visit
  • First Created Today
  • Flag
  • Group
  • Group ID
  • IP
  • ISP
  • Keywords
  • Language
  • Latitude
  • Name
  • Length
  • Longitude
  • Organization
  • Page Visits
  • Platform
  • Referrer
  • Screen Size
  • Social
  • Status
  • Supports Cookies
  • Timezone Offset
  • User Agent
  • NewVisitForDay
  • testKey2 (custom data)
  • testKey1 (custom data)
2Group This will sort the table into groups
3Visitor recordA unique visitor record is created for each website visitor for the duration of the time that they are on the page(s) where chat is implemented. The visitor record is deleted once the visit navigates away from the pages with chat, or if they close their browser.


Invite to chat

Manual Invitations

Manual Invitations can be launched from the Visitor Monitoring view. To send an manual invitation to a visitor, click on the visitor record and the visitor information pane will display.

Once the visitor information panel is displayed, click "Invite to Chat" and a panel will display that provides the following features to send a manual invitation:

  • Template Select menu: Allows Selection of the invitation template to be used
  • Message textbox: Entry of the message to be displayed to the visitor. Note that a manual invitation must be configured before it can be sent. See Invitation Design for more information.
  • Preview Invite button: Displays a preview of the invitation in a modal window before sending
  • Send Invite button: Sends the invitation to the visitor.

Note that the first column in the report is populated with icons that give additional information about visitor interactions.

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