Velaro Console

The console menu provides access to the components of the Velaro Chat application.

 Component NameDescription
Sign InThe log in screen will allow a Velaro user to log in or reset a forgotten password
Engagements Dashboard 

The Dashboard displays a set of widgets that provide chat data and control options.

*Note: The dashboard is only available to Managers and Administrators. 

Visitor Monitoring Dashboard 

Visitor Monitoring displays a set of widgets that provide visitor data and manual proactive chat options.


EngagementsEngagements is where agents conduct chats with visitors.
ReportsAll reports are found in the Reports section.
Configure Canned MessagesCanned Messages is where pre-made message usage is tracked.
Agent to Agent ChatAgent-to-agent Chat allows agents to chat with each other.
Profile MenuProfile is where agent profile settings are located.
Account Settings Overview

Account Setup is where user, chat engagement and workflow settings are configured, is found when clicking the gear icon. 

*note: Administrative users only have full access to all of the features, Managers have access to limited options

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